Commando Cody In

Radar Men From The Moon

In 1952 Commando Cody in his rocket suit saved earth from the evil threat posed by the moon people and there Atomic Ray Gun. Each episode is jam packed with fights, shoot outs, and a cliff hanger that keeps you coming back for more. All that and special effects that are just priceless by today's standards. Some classify this as just another Sci Fi  series but We know it's was a Documentary

Chapter 1 Moon Rocket Chapter 2 Molten Terror Chapter 3 Bridge Of Death
Chapter 4 Flight to Destruction Chapter 5 Murder Car Chapter 6 Hills Of Death
Chapter 7 Camouflaged Destruction Chapter 8 The Enemy Planet Chapter 9 Battle in The Stratosphere
Chapter 10 Mass Execution Chapter 11 Planed Pursuit Chapter 12 Death Of The Moon Man

The Cast

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