Reefer Madness

This propaganda filled movie from 1938 hailed as a documentary in it's day. Depicts the madness and reckless behavior associated with the smoking of marijuana. The instantaneous  transformations that consume the parties who partake of this evil weed is amazing if not medically imposable. It's a perfect case study of how the government can effectively control and manipulate the attitudes of the population with the big or little screen. Only with time can we see the folly in what was at the time taken as truth. And ponder what truths we hold pure will be so in the test of time.

Dorothy Short .... Mary Lane    Kenneth Craig .... Bill Harper    Lillian Miles .... Blanche
Dave O'Brien .... Ralph Wiley    Thelma White .... Mae Colman    Carleton Young .... Jack Perry
Warren McCollum .... Jimmy Lane    Pat Royale .... Agnes    Harry Harvey Jr. .... Junior
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Phil Phillips  tells about  The Evil Dope

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