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Film Alsea River Ghost

 As a long time Alsea resident I had heard the rumors around town but never really gave them much thought until this last week. I was on assignment shooting some background footage of the Alsea river for a soon to be released Alsea TV movie. I had been there about twenty minuets be for I took the first photo  showing the ghost. Well I was so spooked I started to get out of there right away. Knowing no one would believe me and being the professional camera man that I am I turned around and snapped this second photo so there would be no disputing that the ghost was there fishing that day.

    Other strange sightings have been reported. Just last month Max a tourist just passing through the area said he stopped at the park east of town and observed wet foot prints coming out of the river leading to the parking area then just disappearing into thin air. He was at a loss for words when asked to comment on what could account for such a occurrence. When asked if he thought it might be a ghost he quickly drove off and hasn't been seen or heard from again.

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