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The Pottery Farm

The pottery farm is the place to relax and experience the joy of being a kid again by playing in the mud.


Studio Prices - Pottery Lessons


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I have a professional-quality Pottery Wheel, plus a slab roller, 3 kilns, and a large assortment of other pottery tools and materials. I offer a series of short, but effective classes to get the average person creating nice pottery pieces of their own right from the start. I also offer open studio time for those that just want to come in and play.


How I came up with Pricing


One Time "Introduction to the studio" Lesson

$5 per person. One 1/2-hour session— includes explanation of high-fire clay, how to use all studio tools and equipment, and different firing methods with standard studio glazes. This is free with any first lesson


Introduction to Pottery

$75 per Person - Three 1-1/2 hour sessions – Focus will be on slab, coil, and pinch pot techniques. Includes up to 15 lbs. of clay and use of all studio tools and equipment. Finished pieces will be bisque fired. Standard studio glazes and the final glaze firing are also included. Everyone must sign-up for this class before they can be eligible for beginning wheel 1 or open studio time.


Beginner Wheel 1

$120 per Person* Three 1-1/2 hour sessions—Includes up to 20 lbs. of clay and use of all studio tools, equipment, firings and standard studio glazes included. This class will teach you the basics of using a potters wheel. With a focus on cylinders you will be able to make cups, glasses, vases, and pitchers.


Beginner Wheel 2

$150 per Person* Three 1-1/2 hour sessions—Includes up to 20 lbs. of clay, use of all studio tools, equipment, and firing with standard studio glazes. This class will teach you the basics of using a potter’s wheel. With a focus on bowl shapes you will be able to make bowls, casserole dish, been pot, and plates.


Open Studio Time

Open studio time is available during regular hours in half-hour increments, subject to the availability of a wheel Cost includes use of the wheel and all studio tools and equipment and bisque firing of finished pieces—it does not include clay, glazing, or final glaze firing. Clay glazes and tools are available for purchase. Fees for any glazing firing will be separate and based on the quantity and sizes of your pieces.

Pre-Paid Studio Time:
$10/hr for a block of 5 hours—$50 Total
$9/hr for a block of 10 hours—$90 Total (Better Deal, Save 10%)
$8/hr for a block of 20 hours—$160 Total (Best Deal, Save 20%)




All clay used at the Pottery Farm must be purchased at the Pottery Farm at a rate of $20 for 25 pounds

Important: Firing fees are 3.5 cents per cubic inch. Glaze, bisque firing is covered in this fee. This rate applies to wares made only during the rental period. Higher rates apply to wares made outside of this time period. Renters are required to comply with all studio guidelines.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

In the case of renter cancellation request it must be received no later than 7 days prior to the start, a refund will be issued minus a $25.00 cancellation fee.



Located in Alsea Oregon so it is just a pleasant short drive from Corvallis or the coast.

Contact us here   info@potteryfarm.net




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