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This is the new Here's Meme web sight. Look for new changes and additions all the time. The Big D  (My Home Page) will be brining you all kinds of fun stuff  to occupy your time. If you use Windows Media player 9 you can try this skin developed by the team at Design Sensations. It's called Juke Ball rendered in Auto cad by Greg. Was featured on Win Just click the picture to go to the download page.

Designed By Greg

Don't worry  all your favorite pages like Linda and the Streaming Radio  and SGI pages are still  up on the Gig-O-Matic   sight, I could not forget those pages. They were the beginning of the road to Meme witch is 300 times bigger and faster then Gig-O-Matic  . So check often for new changes in this page.  Meme will be spreading through the net like a Meme.

Thanks:  Darrel    A.K.A. The Big D

Find Big D's Classic. 

Well it's not as hard as finding Waldo but there are some great Classic car photos.

 Big D Out Takes


 Crossword Fun

Have you ever wanted to make your own Crossword Puzzle? Well at HeresMeme you can. Just click on Crossword Fun and fallow the instructions to make your own Crossword Fun Puzzle. After you are done it gives you the link to send to all your friends so they can enjoy the puzzle too.

Let Meme Host Your Web Sight.

If you need web space and you were looking for a host . Look no farther for you have found Meme The perfect host in fact she is so perfect some refer to her as a Hostess. Click here  For more information

Meme Welcomes

Two new web sights

This is Darrel's new web page for his pottery studio. Come in and take a pottery lesson from a professional potter. or rent the studio to make your own project. The studio is also home of 300 Pots and Design Sensations

High Guys Lifts are the best  Subaru lift kits to premier on the market. Dan The Subaru Man and his partner have lift kits that will make your Subaru the king of the road.


Now At The Movies on Meme

A space pod has taken over Meme's body and now she is showing space movies on the HeresMeme Movie Page.  I can't stop her without doing permanent damage to her mane memory cortex.  I am currently trying to rectify this condition and undo the damage caused by this vicious space pod. Removing a space pod can be a delicate procedure and should not be attempted by amateurs. But not to worry I ordered a Do It Yourself Space Pod Removal Kit from the Acme Co. But still  this could  take some time. So just bare with me awhile relax and enjoy  Meme's psychoses  and obsession with The Final Frontier.

 Movies on HeresMeme

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