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Alsea Acre specialty cheeses are produced on a small goat dairy located in an isolated valley of Oregon's Coast Range where mild winters and cool summers are ideal for the production of European style cheeses.  Definitely not "mega-goat industries", this small herd of French and American Alpine dairy goats is lovingly cared for by farmstead cheese maker, Nancy Chandler, a former Marketing Manager for a high-tech firm, who quit the rat race and "bought the farm.

In 1990, Chandler's son, Daniel, started a 4-H project with two doe kids, Rhyme and Reason.  As Chandler's herd grew, so did the idea of starting a dairy and making cheese.

As Chandler perfected her craft, she cautiously entered the local Oregon retail market with unique flavors of her fresh chevre.  Passing out tens of thousands of samples at farmers markets, Chandler and Lygren have been greeted with wildly enthusiastic responses for their smooth, creamy Fromage Blanc.   Chandler has also innovated by marinating her fresh chevre in extra virgin olive oil, generously adorned with greek olives, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, pine nuts, roasted garlic, rosemary, basil and black pepper.  One devoted purchaser of this gourmet delight has dubbed it, "PARTY IN A JAR!!".

Chandler states, "It is not uncommon to watch someone, upon trying my cheese for the first time, roll their eyes, dip slightly at the knees and murmur, 'Oh my God, this is wonderful!!'  Customers standing at my table, waiting to purchase, will stop other shoppers walking by and convince them to try and buy my cheese.   "Party In A Jar" devotees jokingly state that they will continue to frequent the market site on Saturdays, holding 12-step, "Party In A Jar" Anonymous meetings after the market season has ended. 

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Alsea Acre Goat Cheese

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