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Last updated 03/16/2005

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Liver Cancer not much to say


Hey I'm still here just short a few body parts. Now back to work  back to work everybody work work work-


The new studio is complete have been giving lessons to some of the locals and working on the 300 pots.



Making progress. I now have the studio set up almost completely. And some of the pots made. Just nothing for sale yet. I am getting a better attitude on the 3rd stage  liver failure I think.


Long time seems life and other things seem to get in the way of posting here. My latest project can be seen at www.300Pots.com Saying that is depressing as you can see down the page I said the same thing.. Only this time I have to complete it.


March is here once again. It seem this is the time of year I start to think about coming out of hibernation and planning where and what I want to do this year. So far I have pottery shows  (see schedule)  and I want to do a vacation again this year. My health could be the only draw back to my plans.


Happy Birthday to Me - Going to shine in 2009


Zoom zoom zoom - Summer is going fast - No time to stop and say hello I'm late, I'm late, I'm late . Anyway got to go do stuff.

Link to our summer vacation   2008


Just playing in the mud getting ready for the show on Mothers Day


Beware the ides of March.


Just another beautiful day in Alsea Oregon. As I set here working on the new photo sight for the San Francisco Giants Fantasy camp 2008 snow is swirling outside like a snow globe and the air is crisp unfortunately I'm talking about the air inside. Burrrr Then I drove to town and bought some propane and stopped at a couple parks on the way home. see photos

1/1/2008  Happy New year


Latest project 300pots.com stop by and see the progress


New Grandson brings the total to three grand children. Chance Shults what a cutie. When I was young I never saw myself where I am today.

Here are some photos of my cats. You may also want to check there other web sight  www.LookWhatTheCatDrugIn.com


Back from visiting the kids in Kansas and I thought you might like to see the Ice Storm that delayed my return to good old so called warm Oregon

Kansas Ice Storm

This is The Big D and I really don't have this page up to par yet but I am working on it. In the mean time listen to this. It is an old time radio program called X-1  It contains a great message of hope for everyone

Real Player  X-1

Mp3  X-1

The Big D.


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