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Hi I would like to say a big Howdy to all my SGI fans out there.

I know you love me because I'm Rich, I'm  Beautiful

and because I'm Linda

I met my soon to be, Hansom, Not yet rich husband in high school

It was love at first fright. No one could shotgun 16 ounce's the way he could

And he just loved my Scooby Doo Binder Bong

Besides the Gun and Stalking charge's were dropped

so he couldn't refuse my Luv

We were soon married and had a wonderful weekend honeymoon 

Monday we were both back to work at our jobs 

Me at my spiritual gatherings

and him back to Corner of Market


I miss those day's Mo and Mo

That was when he still had MO

Life really started to get good once my husband came up with

his venture capitalist idea.

He so smart he found a way we could make $.25

on every dollar we invested. I know it's not much.

But we made it up in volume 

Well you can see how it didn't take us long until we were very very rich.

That was when I first got into the stock market .

I bought 100 shares of MO and I don't mind saying I have doubled my position

over the last 10 years.


As you know I now have a beautiful place in the hills.

I'm really proud of our high rise Can-Doe

We plan to put up skirting and a window

so we can have a split level some day.

And when we want to get away.

We just jump in the Mo Mo Motor home

and head for Lake Tajo

I know you cant tell from looking and wouldn't know unless I said something.

But we remodeled this ourselves.

Once at Lake Tahoe we take the house boat out on the lake for a spin.

Everyone stares at us and points. I guess it's not often they get to see

Such Rich, Handsome, Beautiful, and Successful,

people like us ridding in such a fine craft.

In fact we are so rich we have the only one like it on the lake.

Everyone is so jealous of me and my life.


Well thanks for visiting Me and here is hoping  everyone has

Coors  Day's  and Tuna Fish night's




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