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More of my pottery here  DesignSensations.com

Rent the studio or take lessons at The Pottery Farm

I am going to start posting pot photos soon


Thank you to all who stopped by my booth

at the Thyme Gardens Mothers day sale.

Welcome to 300 Pots

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300 Pots is finally becoming a reality.
After several years of medical battles (cancer, liver failure) 300 pots is finally off and running.
I have found a new studio where I have the room to actually make 300 Pots.
I will be including photo updates and maybe even some live video as I put the shop together. I started this idea of 300 pots several years ago. The idea was to make 300 pots that sell for $100 each with the proceeds going towards paying off my house. As with all plans sometimes things just get in the way. But now it looks like it's all coming together.
So check back often and keep track of the progress. Don't forget the Live Cam.


We got the walls painted 4-3-2011


Then the floors 4-4-2011


Watching paint dry 4-5-2011

Moving things in 4-9/10-2011


Right now I am just setting up the studio and the web page so you can track the progress and be the first to choose your favorite piece when it officially opens (Mid summer). For now here is a example of some of my work. 


I now have the Live Ustream video connection working.

You can also view more of my work at



 Finally have some updated photos of the progress on the 300 Pots mixed in with the friends who stop by and play in the mud

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